We are witnessing enormous changes in the economy of the world in which the educated youth is playing a vital role. With the aim to develop the economy of our country, the higher education institutions should continue to endow with highly talented human resources. CECOS University is fortunate to have highly qualified staff members, who possess vast experience, knowledge and wisdom in their relevant fields. I am sure that we will be able to overcome the national economic crisis we are currently facing and that CECOS will play a pivotal role in developing the economy of our country by producing highly qualified & skilled graduates.

Being a private sector university, CECOS University is playing an important role in supplementing the Government’s efforts to meet the growing demand for education of our people, particularly in the under-developed areas. CECOS University is determined not to compromise on the quality of education at any cost and with this endeavor, we focus our full attention on taking all necessary measures for bringing about continued improvements in our overall standard of education.

I am confident that CECOS University will make all possible efforts to provide a unique educational environment with the following objectives:

  • Develop the potential and talents of those young men and women who are committed to achieving professional excellence and who have the courage, confidence and spirit to bring about change in our society.
  • Inculcate a deep feeling of patriotism among students and endeavor to prepare professionals endowed with fear of Allah, the Almighty.
  • Modernize the present system of professional management and make a substantial contribution toward the development of socio-economic structures in Pakistan.
  • Achieve technological excellence in the areas of Engineering, Information Technology and Biotechnology.
  • Raise standards of professional education in order to achieve excellence and to accept this as a sacred duty with a conviction of accountability to The Almighty Allah.
Engr. Muhammad Tanveer Javed